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Formation of Nanospheres and Nanorods of Titanium Dioxide in a Low-pressure Ar/O2 Plasma Controlled by a Sputtering Method

Full Text(PDF, 2204KB)  DOI: 10.14355/ijmsci.2013.0304.05

Author: Yousuke Yamazaki, Satoru Iizuka

Abstract: Formation of nanoparticles and nanorods of titanium dioxide (TiO2) in Ar/O2 plasma was investigated by controlling the discharge parameters, such as partial pressure and applied voltage. The nanostructures were produced by reactions of oxygen with titanium atoms, sputtered from a titanium target by reactive sputtering. The deposits were analysed by the SEM, TEM and EDX. Many nanospheres were observed on thin films composed of nanorods, deposited on a silicon substrate at an applied voltage from 1,500 to 3,000 V and a total pressure of 0.5 Torr with a deposition time of 1.5 h. These properties were nearly independent of the partial pressure ratio of oxygen to argon, The diameter of the nanospheres varied from 15 to 100 nm. The thin film quality was controllable by adjusting the electric discharge conditions.

Keywords: Titanium Dioxides; Nanospheres; Nanorods; Plasma Sputtering Method

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Yousuke Yamazaki, Satoru Iizuka. Formation of Nanospheres and Nanorods of Titanium Dioxide in a Low-pressure Ar/O2 Plasma Controlled by a Sputtering Method. International Journal of Material Science, 2013, 3(4), 163-169. doi: 10.14355/ijmsci.2013.0304.05.


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